About Us

LifePositiveTV is an online platform for the healers of alternate therapies. This is a channel to connect to the healers and therapists all over the world. There are many who want to be a part of alternate therapies and there are others who prefer seeking these therapies for the treatment. LifePositiveTV is the mode for connecting such people around the world and share their experience and knowledge with others.
LifePositiveTV provides you with the online videos and blogs based on alternate form of therapies such as Reiki, Acupressure, Angel Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Water Color Therapy, Sketch Color Therapy, Ayurveda Color Therapy, Power of Trinity and many more for healing yourself. Other methodologies such as Numerology, Astrology, Switch Words, Bach Flower, Tarot Cards Reading, Vaastu, Dowsing, Hypnosis, and Mudra Vigyaan are also available for providing the guidance for your highest goods.
LifePositiveTV is helpful in accomplishing our motto: “One Home, One Healer.” Earlier this motto was driven by us through many TV Channels, YouTube Channel IIASTV and individual trainings and workshops are also provided. But LifePositiveTV is bigger platform for making people aware of these therapies and connecting people. LifePositiveTV also invites those who are interested to share their knowledge regarding alternate therapies with us and with our viewers. We are delighted to share our knowledge with the world.